Afforable Costing
Our worldwide shipping services are the most competitive and market-friendly to any of our destinations.
Air & Sea Logistics
TDSS offers containerized, conventional & air freight shipments to most West african destinations.
All Goods
We ship containers, vehicles(cars, trucks, bikes), commercial goods, personal goods, etc.
Experienced Team
Our staff team have a wealth of experience to offer the best help advice and support in the course of your shipment.

Seamless Efficient Service

Finding the right help when looking for a company to ship your goods to West Africa is not always easy, but by choosing us, you can rest assured for an tstanding job and give you the results you seek.

TDSS Uk was established to meet up to customer espectations for an efficient, quality and satisfactory service.

We have been customers as well as providers so we understand the nitty gritty of the business and the industry. Our aim is to be your reliable partner in handling your shipments untill they are fully in your disposition. 

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